About Us

Our Value & Goal:

“To share the love with people from God, we believe to help people have a better living and to serve better to the society is the way we are called to serve God. With this faith in mind, we sustain integrity, honesty and passion in our business operation and social responsibility. Our goal is to appeal to customers worldwide and satisfy them with practical and quality products.”

Company profile:

Shanghai Max Precision Instrument Company established in 1993 in Shanghai China. Possessing clear vision and value, we began limited operations by 1996, and now rank as an industry leader in injection molding parts and completely assembled products for export to the United States, Germany, and other foreign countries.

We have received accolades from many of our customers and end users for our innovation and attention to detail. In 2003 we obtained ISO 9001-2000 and we continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations.

In the 21st century, Shanghai Max team will continuously keep “Shanghai Max Identity” a manufacture backed up by molding technologies, a company that enriches customers’ life with its quality products and its promise of customers’ satisfaction.