Only the most stringent quality control can ensure real product reliability and durability. Shanghai Max has always put high quality as its top priority and will continue long into the future. Through this unyielding commitment Shanghai Max continues to enhance its people, technology and innovation. We have expanded our design team and made training standard for our engineers and technicians. Although our satisfaction levels are above 99% we continue to look for ways in which we can improve.

At Shanghai Max our greatest asset is our people. All employees go through a rigorous 3-6 month training period before they are allowed to work and 6 months of on the job training before they work independently.

Our employees are treated like family with free meals, dormitories for long distance workers, uniforms and all the necessary safety equipment. We have achieved a turnover rate of less than 2% since opening and have been recognized by the local Government as well as the Union. We are very proud of the company culture we have created, and it shows in the final product exceeding quality standards for all of our products.