Our Service:

Shanghai Max prides itself on the ability to take your product from a drawing to a complete assembly.

Mold Making

Shanghai Max is one of the few plastic Injection Mold Makers in China that specializes in manufacturing cost-effective custom mold and tooling design in China for injection molding. Innovative custom tooling solutions such as our CAD plastic injection mold design services, our custom tooling manufacturing, and tooling for export program ensure a low up front cost, high quality solution for your next tooling project.

Injection Molding

Shanghai Max has a complete injection molding facility in house with a wide range of molding machine sizes to exactly fit your job. ISO 9000 certification means that you can trust our quality. We do all of the assembly of products in house with parts sourced locally and globally. Let us take a look at your product and we will surprise you with our capabilities and quality.

Product Assembly

Product assembly can be accomplished on site in our facility. We are ISO 9000 certified which assures you of high quality service. Whether we produce all of the parts, or have some produced elsewhere, we can coordinate all materials efficiently and effectively. Quality is our Number One priority and you will be pleased with the final product.